Physicians in this office coordinate patient care with hospice agencies.

“Hospice care is provided to patients who have a limited life expectancy. Although most hospice patients are cancer patients, hospices accept anyone regardless of age or type of illness. These patients have also made a decision to spend their last months at home or in a homelike setting.”*

In most cases, patients select hospice care as part of discharge planning in other facilities. However, please feel free to discuss the issue with your TriValley physician as the need arises.

“The patient and family should feel free to discuss hospice care at any time with their physician, other health care professionals, clergy or friends.”

“To find the best hospice for your needs, ask your doctor, healthcare professionals, clergy, social workers or friends who have received care for a family member. You may want to call or meet with the hospices and ask questions about their services.”

Even if the patient’s TriValley physician isn’t actively caring for the hospice patient, the hospice will normally contact TriValley to see if the physician agrees that patient is a suitable candidate for hospice.

* Quotes are from http://www.hospicenet.org/html/concept.html and http://www.hospicenet.org/html/faq.html