Uncivil behaviors towards the staff (or providers) will not be tolerated. The consequence of rudeness, rage, anger, inappropriate language, and overt hostility to the staff can include dismissal from this practice – meaning all of TriValley Primary Care. This has happened rarely, but regrettably it has been enforced.

TriValley physicians are aware that there are many reasons for frustration and stress in maneuvering through the healthcare maze. Some decisions or rules of the insurers defy logic or at face value don’t make sense. Some questions call for a quick and simple answer but none is forthcoming or the answer is neither quickly obtained nor simple. We know. Your physician has to follow rules and mandated methods that he/she questions or that are a puzzlement. Nonetheless, that is the structure that we have to work within. Your TriValley providers are committed to being your advocate in such matters.

Your health and the health of your family and friends is of utmost importance to you. We understand this. Disease and infirmity are very stressful whether experienced “in the flesh” or as a relative or loving “other” looking after a loved one or a friend. Our goal is to be as supportive of these situations as a professional relationship will allow.

TriValley strives to make the process of being seen, of being evaluated and treated, and of settling accounts as straight-forward and simple as we can make it. But, these are subject to rules set forth by your insurance company, or perhaps a law or regulation which may make what might appear to be a simple process, a difficult one. TriValley has to follow these rules.

Other sources of frustration: Occasionally we make a mistake. Perhaps the referral to another specialist was submitted incorrectly. Perhaps we overlooked a second insurance. Mistakes happen and we try to remedy these as promptly as we can. We are human and prone to mistakes. But we try to be a learning entity so that our mistakes are infrequent and seldom repeated.

If you find yourself frustrated or disappointed with aspects of your care or that of a loved one, please talk to your provider or staff. You may ask to speak with the office’s administrative supervisor or its nursing supervisor. You may write a letter to your provider or use the Feedback feature on this website to document your issues. But please, do not take out your frustration with the staff (or your provider).