Prescription Renewals

For certain medications, and for certain situations, such as if the patient has not been seen by a TriValley provider within a year, you may be asked to make an appointment to be seen before that medication is refilled. In general you must be seen in the office if your prescription is more than a year old.

There are three ways to renew a prescription.

1. Use the Patient Portal at any time. (Highly Recommended*) 

2. Telephone your renewal request into the office.  Click here for a full listing of our offices.

3. Contact your pharmacy to request the prescription for you.

Please refer to the medication bottle for needed information.

Our office will call you only if there is a need for you to pick up the script (rarely, except for a narcotic), or to request that you make an appointment before the refill will be considered, or if the information submitted is incomplete or there is a question or issue regarding it.

Local pharmacy: Please call the pharmacy to make sure the drugs are ready for pick-up.

Please allow 48 hours for the prescription renewal request to be processed. Renewals are not processed on weekends or holidays. In most cases the renewal will be sent electronically to the pharmacy or pharmacy benefits manager.

Tip: Please bring all of your medication bottles – both prescription and over the counter – with you to every appointment. Also, please remember to mention any prescriptions needed at the time of your office visit. We can take care of them very easily at that time.

* Making your request for your prescription renewals online via the Patient Portal has the advantage that you can see the current medications you are taking and therefore reorder the correct item and dosage, etc.

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