Through the Portal the PATIENT may:

  • request prescription refills from the medication list on file
  • request referrals
  • view / print Patient Summaries (a visit summary) of each of your visits
  • view / print your Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • view your lab results
  • request new laboratory testing
  • update your demographics (new address, phone number, etc. )
  • add certain elements of your history (for example, Family History)
  • add immunization records
  • view your appointment history
  • view your account statements

Through the Portal your DOCTOR may:

  • send your test results for your personal viewing with directions and comments
  • send messages and reminders regarding your health care
  • import information submitted by you to your electronic medical record
  • send appointment reminders

Patient Portal Links

Established patient of the practice:

Established patients of TriValley Primary Care are invited to review the Patient Portal Guide section if you have just received your user name and password for access to the Patient Portal, or if you are considering asking to be enabled on the Patient Portal.

If you are an experienced user of the Patient Portal, you may use this link to access TriValley’s Patient Portal:

New / Prospective Patient:

New patients to TriValley Primary Care have the ability to pre-register with the practice before their first visit.  They are strongly urged to review the Patient Portal Guide section before doing so.

If you are a new (prospective) patient to TriValley, you may use the following link to pre-register prior to your first visit.  Please telephone your TriValley office and inform them that you have pre-registered.  Your phone call will alert your TriValley office to look for your pre-registration information.