Your best source for online information about TriValley Primary Care and its providers is this website. It is not 100% correct, 100% of the time, but a good deal of effort goes into keeping it up to date. If you notice something on this website that isn’t correct or questionable, please use the Contact link at the bottom of the page to report it. (Use the website link under Electronic Messages.) You may also use the Feedback service on the Our Patient Services page to discuss the website but also to provide your comments about your care and your whole experience with TriValley.

On this website in several places you are requested to discuss any issues or concerns with your TriValley provider, or with a supervisor. [The Zero Tolerance feature in this section is one.] A Feedback feature is available on this website. Your comments, suggestions and concerns are wholeheartedly welcome and valued. TriValley providers and staff want to do better and meet your expectations where possible.

There are many online services that purport to show physicians in a geographic area or by practice name or by provider name. Most have some sort of means to rate the providers and otherwise provide feedback as to your experiences. To a large extent, the ratings and look-up capabilities are intertwined.

Look-ups: The “look-up” services for physicians on the web range from pretty good to dreadful. Generally the look-ups provided by insurance companies are pretty good. But even they have incorrect or outdated information at times. The other services are more diverse in their quality. One service had all TriValley physicians graduates of Drexel Medical School (no bad reflection intended towards Drexel, which is a fine school – but the information was not correct.) The Medicare Physician Compare Service as of spring 2014 had all TriValley physicians located in TriValley’s Indian Valley office instead of in their own office. A common barrier is that many look-up services do not spell TriValley Primary Care correctly, and some provider names are spelled wrong. Often the locations are incorrect.

TriValley has made efforts to correct bad information when given the opportunity to do so. The web being so vast and changeable, it is impossible to catch all the errors, plus very few sites provide a reasonable means to report errors. Some sites exist not to provide a service but solely to get your attention in order to get credit (dollars) for the ads that are displayed. And, once made, TriValley is at the mercy of the service to make the requested corrections or updates.

Also, please note that some look-up results are influenced by paid advertising placements. That is, the service providing the results will list a paid advertiser ahead of other physicians. So, if a city and zip code are entered as the search criteria, the “featured” physician’s entry appears at the top, rather than the physicians in or closest to that location. The proximity may not be the only criteria sacrificed.

Ratings: The physician owners of TriValley Primary Care have taken a neutral position as to online ratings. On the one hand, TriValley providers have generally fared well in most rating services. On the other hand, rating services are not convenient to, or the need to make a rating is not “top of mind” for, most patients, and therefore those who want to make a statement seek them out. Furthermore, comments tend to be persistent. Meaning that once made, they stay in public view for a long time. An issue allegedly revealed may in fact have been transient or is resolved (or, indeed, was non-existent), but it stays alive and prominent via the rating comments that do not get archived or updated regularly. Another aspect is that TriValley providers see many thousands of patients in a year, while there are very few comments made in any year. And, TriValley providers cannot please everyone all the time. Finally, the comments are one-sided and mostly anonymous. There is usually no opportunity to give the other side, or even identify what the incident is that gave rise to a complaint or low score.

In some instances, the ratings are attributed to the wrong office (the provider cited does not work with that office). TriValley Primary Care being a multi-office practice has that issue.

NOTE: Please cooperate with your insurance company if its staff presents a survey for you to complete regarding the care and treatment you received by a TriValley provider.

Our Request: Please take what you find on the web with the proverbial grain of salt. Call your TriValley office if something you find on the web is important to you, but presents TriValley in an unflattering light. Ask your relatives, friends or neighbors for their recommendations for primary care providers. The healthcare providers of TriValley Primary Care want your experience to be positive and useful. Tell us if you have concerns about your care and how you were treated. All will try to do right by you.