Guidance to Vendors and Detail Persons

TriValley Primary Care values the relationships it has enjoyed with its vendors (suppliers, consultants, contractors, and sales reps, etc.). These relationships are grounded on a mutual understanding that the interests of the TriValley patient come first. There is also an understanding that long term relationships are built on trust and concomitant honest dealing.


TriValley Primary Care’s expectations of its vendors are these:

  • A vendor shall not take TriValley Primary Care’s patronage for granted.
  • A vendor shall keep the details of its dealings with TriValley Primary Care private.
  • A vendor shall represent its goods and services honestly and deliver on its promises and fulfill its obligations.
  • A vendor shall treat all TriValley staff with common courtesy and respect.

It is the policy of TriValley Primary Care to keep the bids of vendors private. Therefore a successful vendor shall be one that provides its best price (value) in the first instance.

TriValley Primary Care fulfills its obligations to its vendors (for example, pays its bills) in accordance with the terms of the purchase/contract.


Given that the TriValley patient comes first, vendor contact is always by appointment.

Clinical goods and services are normally detailed to a TriValley (medical) office. Administrative goods and services may be detailed to the Corporate office or a medical office. A solicitation for a TriValley provider to participate in a health plan must be directed to the Corporate office.

For prospective vendors, the best prospects of an entree is via a letter of introduction (Postal Service mail or courier service) describing the product(s) or service(s) offered and information about the firm.

Existing vendors should observe the rules and customs that are imparted for making an appointment and for providing updates, etc.


Facsimile and e-mail use: TriValley Primary Care considers contact by facsimile device (fax machine) and e-mail a privilege and not a right. Please do not fax material to a TriValley office unless that office gives permission to do so. Permission to fax material must be obtained on each occasion: there is no standing permission to fax a TriValley office.

Spam is an issue for every business. If you have a TriValley e-mail address, vendors are expected to limit such communications to ongoing matters and within the context that the address was provided. Vendors who are informed their services are not desired should promptly remove the TriValley e-mail address from their address directory. Vendors are not permitted to furnish TriValley e-mail addresses to another party.

Solicitations via telephone, fax and e-mail are not welcome and may well jeopardize an existing relationship or bar a prospective one. If a solicitation is allowed by facsimile, vendors will be asked the number of pages, and are limited to the agreed upon number of pages. Please eliminate graphics that have excessive “black” (toner intensive) areas.

TriValley does not accept telephone surveys for any purpose.


Items should be delivered to the ordering office unless other arrangements are made.
For prompt payment, vendors must mail invoices to the ordering office, unless specifically told otherwise. To discuss an unpaid invoice, please contact the Corporate office.

Detail Visits

Each TriValley office sets its rules and methods of seeing sales staff and detail persons. However, common elements are these:

  • Keep the appointment or notify the TriValley host in advance.
  • Do not increase the agreed upon number of visitors.
  • Be mindful that you are a guest in medical office wherein sick patients are being treated.
  • Keep your voice down and your gestures contained.
  • No perfume or cologne.
  • Be mindful that you must seek ways to limit your exposure to private health information (HIPAA).
  • Observe restrictions of cell phone use (and no photography/video or sound recording within an office)
  • Do not use practice telephones or other communication services (fax machine) without obtaining permission.

Do not leave materials without approval of your host.